“45 Years as a Physical Therapist and loving every minute of it.  My patients teach me to look and listen better each day.  My colleagues are dedicated.  I am so honored and grateful to be a part of this profession.” ~ Holly

Welcome to the site of international lecturer, educator and physical therapist, Dr. Hollis Herman (Holly) and her private practice, HealthyWomen HealthyMen HealthyPeople Physical Therapy, located in Central Square.

Holly provides expert care for all people seeking careful, considerate diagnosis and treatment of urologic, gynecologic, obstetric, orthopedic, colorectal and sexual medicine conditions.  She is dedicated to training physical therapy and other healthcare professionals worldwide.


Hello Patients,

This is an announcement that in-person Physical Therapy appointments will resume incrementally at the office starting August 4th depending on the status of the COVID-19 virus and the latest information from the Health and Human Service Department of Massachusetts and from the Center for Disease Control.

After your initial appointment an individualized plan will be mutually determined. This plan may include a combination of in-person and Telethealth appointments, depending on clinical judgement and patient risk tolerance.

If the possible risks that come with reopening of the state causes a spike in hospitalizations and a rise in asymptomatic carriers who account for 30-50 percent of new infections, then we will follow the phase 2 guidelines which state that, Telehealth must continue to be utilized and prioritized whenever feasible and appropriate. I can set you up for an evaluation and exercise program rather than having you come in.

The length of your in person appointment may be shortened to 30 minutes if mutually decided. Spending as little time indoors as needed is recommended by the Yale School of Public Health (Boston Globe June 16, 2020 page A9).

Lisa, the administrative office person, and I will gladly work with you to have your appointments fit your needs and schedule.

The building has implemented safety procedures with the doorperson wearing a mask, a hand sanitizer in the lobby, one person at a time in the elevator, regular wipe downs of all surfaces, buttons, doors and restrooms.

My office has been thoroughly cleaned, emptied of reading materials and porous surfaces and will have individualized disposable treatment table coverings and gowns.

There will a 30 minute cleaning break between patients. This will help avoid any overlap between people.

I will be wearing a mask, gloves and goggles throughout each session in accordance with the HHS and Center for Disease Control COVID-19 recommended guidelines.

It is in all of our interests to stay healthy and free of the COVID-19 virus and related illness by abiding by the following mandatory steps:

1. Patients must bring and wear a mask throughout the appointment. The mask needs to cover your mouth and nose. Wearing gloves is optional though highly recommended.

2. If you are presenting with symptoms of fatigue, respiratory difficulty, fever, sweating, loss of taste or smell, have been exposed to another person who is a positive or suspected COVID-19 carrier during the past week, or generally feel sick before your appointment, please do not come.

3. Please contact us and we will reschedule your appointment without a charge.

4. There are multiple sites in Cambridge and Somerville for free COVID-19 testing, in person and drive by. If you are a resident, we highly recommend you take advantage of this testing .You need to call and make an appointment. It will take 5 days to be informed of your results. With this test, you will know if you are an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier.

5. Your forehead temperature will be taken before entering the office. If you have a fever we will ask you to leave and reschedule your appointment.

6. Please do not bring in items other than your phone, keys, and/or wallet (no coffee, handbags, food, backpacks, etc.)

7. There will no longer be a waiting area in the office to sit and read. Do not bring any additional guests with you to your appointment.

8. Patients will take full responsibility for attending an in-person appointment. Hollis Herman DPT and her physical therapy practice will not be held liable for any COVID-19 or related respiratory issues as a result of your visit.

We are delighted and excited to work with you through Telehealth and again inperson to help you function better, feel better and attain your goals.


Holly and Lisa